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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Main Line Art Center Craft Show

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This Weekend I'll be at the Main Line Art Center's Craft Show-  The hours are

Friday 5:30- 7:30
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4

Can't wait to see you then-

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Morning Star Baby Quilt

It was time again for another baby quilt.  Ages ago I had seen a pattern for a morning star block on Little Miss Shabby's blog.  Lots of pieces but each block is 18 inches square.   Easy right-  yea- right.
The First Block

 It started out so well-  got one block done........

I guess should go back and say this is for my cousin and his wife.  They had girl number three back in March.  Flea Market Fancy is some my favorite happy fabric, so I brought it out for this and I was so excited how it was coming out.

Spring was crazy around here and it took me awhile to get anything down on it.  But finally I had my four blocks and then my top done.  Yes- time to get quilting-  my least favorite part-  but happy to get going on it and get it sent out.  I get over half of it quilted and in the middle of doing a block I notice I have pieced it wrong.

Can you find the mistake?

Seriously, how could I not notice that two squares were completely set wrong-  I had stared and stared at the top deciding colors for the setting squares -binding - all of it - how could I not notice that?   So the quilt sat for a few days-  just trying to decide what to do -  do I take it all apart?  Lets face it if I did it would become her graduation from high school quilt and not her welcome to the world quilt.

Showing off the back to hide the oops!

When I use to crosstitch I use to leave one mistake in every sampler-  my way of making it my own. And it was fun to know where they were in each one.  So I went with that approach-  I left it.  It's my  mark on it, my own oops.  My hopes are that the recipients enjoy the oops as much as I do.  It's a good reminder to enjoy the oopes that happen-  that they really do come out beautifully and sometimes even better for now they have a good story.

Enjoy -  Jenne

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Little Piggy went to Market

A new farm animal friend that is great for a babies room decoration, window sill, an addition to an easter basket or a decoration for a book shelf.  He is about 4 inches tall and 5 inches long.  He is now available in my Etsy Shop-  Needle Felted Wool Pig by LilacRoadHandmade on Etsy

This little piggy went to market

I was messing around with a few options in making him the other night, two different pinks, a curly tail and a straighter tail.  Then one I gave a butt crack.  I thought it was kind of cute and funny- so I showed my three kids.  WOW what a reaction!!!!  One thought it was funny and kind of cute and one thought it was horrible.  He kept saying, "no butt cracks."  I wonder how many families have that conversation after dinner?  The whole thing still makes me smile and laugh.

side view
Butt crack or not-  these guys make great additions to nursery decor,  a great gift for someone who collects pigs or just a cute little gift for a friend to brighten their day.  They are listed in my etsy shop or contact me if you are interested.   The etsy link is above.

Light pink and dark-  

Right now we are in the middle of the blizzard here on the east coast.   Thinking about pigs and farms and spring is warming me up while the snow continues to fall.

More farm friends on the way before Easter, stay tuned.

Enjoy-  Jenne