Thursday, December 8, 2016

Main Line Art Center Craft Show

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This Weekend I'll be at the Main Line Art Center's Craft Show-  The hours are

Friday 5:30- 7:30
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-4

Can't wait to see you then-

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Morning Start Baby Quilt

It was time again for another baby quilt.  Ages ago I had seen a pattern for a morning star block on Little Miss Shabby's blog.  Lots of pieces but each block is 18 inches square.   Easy right-  yea- right.
The First Block

 It started out so well-  got one block done........

I guess should go back and say this is for my cousin and his wife.  They had girl number three back in March.  Flea Market Fancy is some my favorite happy fabric, so I brought it out for this and I was so excited how it was coming out.

Spring was crazy around here and it took me awhile to get anything down on it.  But finally I had my four blocks and then my top done.  Yes- time to get quilting-  my least favorite part-  but happy to get going on it and get it sent out.  I get over half of it quilted and in the middle of doing a block I notice I have pieced it wrong.

Can you find the mistake?

Seriously, how could I not notice that two squares were completely set wrong-  I had stared and stared at the top deciding colors for the setting squares -binding - all of it - how could I not notice that?   So the quilt sat for a few days-  just trying to decide what to do -  do I take it all apart?  Lets face it if I did it would become her graduation from high school quilt and not her welcome to the world quilt.

Showing off the back to hide the oops!

When I use to crosstitch I use to leave one mistake in every sampler-  my way of making it my own. And it was fun to know where they were in each one.  So I went with that approach-  I left it.  It's my  mark on it, my own oops.  My hopes are that the recipients enjoy the oops as much as I do.  It's a good reminder to enjoy the oopes that happen-  that they really do come out beautifully and sometimes even better for now they have a good story.

Enjoy -  Jenne

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This Little Piggy went to Market

A new farm animal friend that is great for a babies room decoration, window sill, an addition to an easter basket or a decoration for a book shelf.  He is about 4 inches tall and 5 inches long.  He is now available in my Etsy Shop-  Needle Felted Wool Pig by LilacRoadHandmade on Etsy

This little piggy went to market

I was messing around with a few options in making him the other night, two different pinks, a curly tail and a straighter tail.  Then one I gave a butt crack.  I thought it was kind of cute and funny- so I showed my three kids.  WOW what a reaction!!!!  One thought it was funny and kind of cute and one thought it was horrible.  He kept saying, "no butt cracks."  I wonder how many families have that conversation after dinner?  The whole thing still makes me smile and laugh.

side view
Butt crack or not-  these guys make great additions to nursery decor,  a great gift for someone who collects pigs or just a cute little gift for a friend to brighten their day.  They are listed in my etsy shop or contact me if you are interested.   The etsy link is above.

Light pink and dark-  

Right now we are in the middle of the blizzard here on the east coast.   Thinking about pigs and farms and spring is warming me up while the snow continues to fall.

More farm friends on the way before Easter, stay tuned.

Enjoy-  Jenne

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Baby Boy Blanket- and Bib

Seems like you get to make more quilts for girls-  not sure why- just seems that way I guess.
Lucky me - I just finished up a baby boy blanket.  It was nice to play around with blues and reds-  something different.  I came up with two tops and let my friend decide which she wanted to give to the soon to be parents.

simple square red and blue quilt
Heres the one she chose-  basic five inch squares.  It's mostly Sweetwater fabrics- a little stitch squares, joel dewberry- and a bunch of odds and ends I had around that worked in well.  My favorite fabric was the trucks-  just kind made the whole quilt-  and it's cute.

The back was the stitch squares-
baby boy blanket back
And I even got a bib out of a few more of the scraps.

scrappy bib
Maybe some fall decorating next-  Jenne

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby Jingle Balls

These are my favorite felting things to make.  They are a small jingle bell needled felted into the center of a ball.  Then some cute animal,  boat, flower, stripe- some design felted to the outside.  My favorite part is coming up with the new somethings.  Here are a few of the latest...

For the Boys- a boat, a car and a dog

The Animals- a fish, a duck and a pig
They are a great unique baby shower present.  Just this or add a bib or some burp cloths and you are done.   For toddlers just learning to roam around a throw things they are great too.  They love the sound and that they can grab it.   And they can do too much damage with a nice soft ball.  Each one is approx 5 inches in diameter and still soft enough that small hands are able to grab.

There are also ones for the older kids-  didn't want them to feel left out.  This one is for my daughter-  she is a freshman in high school-   the front is her high school-  Conestoga-  and the back is the year she is going to graduate.  This way when she is mad at her brothers and wants to throw something at them- she has something that won't kill them-  or break anything.  
the High School version

the graduation year
Some of the jingle balls are currently listed in my etsy shop.  lilacroadhandmade-    More will be coming soon-  and if you are interested in something custom you can contact me thru there or at

Three more days of school left and then summer - we all can't wait around here.  Enjoy-  Jenne

Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Reading

I had been in a reading slump for awhile.   It seemed there just weren't any books out that I really wanted to read.  Now suddenly there are too many.  I just finished the first-  All The Light We Cannot See   by Anthony Doerr.  It was great.  I felt like he was painting a picture for me as it went along.  Just beautifully written.

One book done- starting the next
So whats up next?  Hmmmmmmm

Here are my top five possibilities-

1. The Bookman's Tale  By Charlie Lovett - This one I have had for a bit-  but was never quite in the mood-   thinking and hoping I am now
2. The English Spy  By Daniel Silva- I am hooked on Silva's Allon books - can't wait till this one is released
3. The Girl on the Train  By Paula Hawkins- everyone is talking about it and all have loved it so far- and mysteries are my favorite
4. Emma - A Modern Retelling  By Alexander McCall Smith  - what would summer be without some form of Jane Austin
5. I Take You  By Eliza Kennedy  - This just looks so fun.

Now if I can just find a few more quiet moments to read them.  The plants are all planted on out patio- and I always imagine myself sitting there reading on a hot summer day-  I think it has happened twice in the 5 years we have lived in this house.  One day soon......  Happy Reading.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baby Luvies- Blankets

Baby Luvies-  at least that is my name for them.  Two pieces of flannel with a satin trim.  A friend had me make up one for a baby boy based on one her daughter has had for quite some time.  The name is appliqu├ęd on the front along with a monkey based on the fabric one the back.

Monkey Baby Luvey

Applique name and monkey

Back of the Luvey

The blanket finishes at 36 x 28.  A great size to cover small ones and a great size to snuggle with as they get older.  The fabrics on both luvies are from Urban Zoology by Ann Kelle - for Robert Kaufman fabrics.  I love their flannels- they are so thick and wear so well.  

Luvey!!!! front

and the back-

Until next time-  Jenne